D44TUK & D44TUQ – Boa Vista Is. (Cape Verde)

DL3HD, Heike & DL2MDU, Chris have been on the Island of Boa Vista (Cape Verde) IOTA AF-086.  D44TUQ & D44TUK were operating without  an amplifier and therefore just CW and RTTY has been used. The vacation was wonderful and the condxs were fair to good. We were lucky with our bungalow as well  as to have the ability to setup our inverted-Vee dipole. While Heike was enjoying digital modes, Chris was playing his favorite mode (CW). After 14 days  holiday-style operation we had more than 4600 QSO in our log.  We had fun and could get more experience with pileups and band conditions. Now we have uploaded the logs to LotW and ordered the QSL cards. Click here for a video