DEC, 29 2015 – Assembling of the K3S TRANSCEIVER was going on. I started with the

  • RF Board and Chassis
  • Crystal (Roofing) Filters
  • Low Power Amplifier (KLPA3A)
  • Front Panel Shield
  • Mixer and KXV3B Interface Module
  • Rear Panel and Antenna Connectors on the Rear Panel
  • Rear Panel

DEC, 30 2015 – I assembled

  • Front Panel Assembly on the Chassis
  • KIO3B Interface
  • Audio I/O Daughter Board on KIO3B
  • KIO3B Main Board
  • KIO3A Digital I/O Board
  • KIO3B Connector Panel
  • Installing Battery BT1 – Left Side Panel
  • KAT3A antenna tuner
  • Right Side Panel
  • First Initial Power On Check
  • TCXO Module on KREF3 Board
  • KSYN3A Synthesizer
  • Loudspeaker, Top Cover and KPA3A Shield
  • Installing the KNB3 Noise Blanker
  • Bottom Cover – Finishing the Enclosure

Now it was time to start with Test and Calibration

DEC, 31 2015 – All Calibrations and Low Power Test successfully done. Finally I made two CW QSOs with 5 watts
Installing the KPA3A 100W amplifier.

JAN, 02 2016 – Testing the K3S with KPA3A 100W amplifier. CW was not a problem. For phone I used a headset usually made for computers.
It was hooked to the MIC plug at the rear. With the right configuration it was not a problem to work K8NY on 17m SSB.

Before I close with this chapter I won’t miss to give kudos to all persons who packed my kit. Thanks Erica, Gustavo, Johanna, Sabrina, Stephanie