With more than one antenna in a contest setup it is necessary to have an antenna switch automatically controlled
by the Contest Logger. Not only for contester an automatic antenna switch can be a valuable part of the equipment.
To chase a rare DX or a sked with your buddy will never end in troubles. You QSY and the right antenna is hooked
to the TRX / AMP.

Well there are lots of automatic antenna switches on the market. I like homebrewing and that let me choose a kit if
any available. For the 6 to 1 switch I bought from RemoteQTH a PCB and other parts from electronic suppliers.

While the switch is ready now, I have to build the interface between the station computer and the switch. I will use
the LPT connector at the PC. A rotary switch allows manual switching. A circuit diagram will coming soon.

Because of useing a HAL-1200 solid state amplifier I decided to buy an ARDUINO SWITCH from RemoteQTH as
a band decoder. Another reason was the independence of the LPT Interface. New Computer do not have the LPT
Interface any more. The advantage of the ARDUINO NANO microcontroller is to fit the band decoder to your needs.
That means the availability to use one antenna (e.g. a tribander beam 10-15-20) for 3 bands.

In the code I have loaded to the ARDUINO NANO the following antennas are used:

ANT 1    OptiBeam 11-3 for 10-15-20m

ANT 2    hy-gain DB-1217 for 12 & 17m

ANT 3    2 x 27m Dipole for 30-40-60-80-160m

ANT 4    Vertical 40-80m


  • PCB 6 to 1 Switch
    PCB 6 to 1 Switch