S-Match Antenna Tuner

FA 1kW Tuner
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I love my remote controlled ATU for the Doublet 2x27m with ladderline.
But I was thinking about the day when it would be in need of repair.
With my experiences with the remote controlled Z-Match and all the
good words about the S-Match by PA0FRI it was time to test that out!

I used a variometer inductor and a variable capacitor.
To turn the axes I borrowed the two servo motors from the Z-Match.
Some new code for the controller and the whole S-Match Tuner was
ready to work for me.

Meanwhile I have made changes to the controller. A Teensy ++2.0 is
in the box now. With the new code the controller can get the frequency
from K3S. After checking a memory with presets the inductor and the 
capacitor is moving to the positions for best tuning. That’s comfortable!

S-Match Tuner

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