About – DL2MDU Amateur Radio Station

1962  I was born in the city of Dachau. I grew up in a rural area 2 miles south of Dachau

1977  When I have finished school  I have started an education in Electronics  

1982  I started my career in Amateur Radio as DG9MBA (VHF / UHF)

1984  I passed the exam to novice class DH2MAU

1985  I passed the exam to extra class  DL2MDU

Since 1984 my favorite mode is CW. I like to chase the rare DX and to participate in contests.

I love pileups on holiday style operations as well as on real DXpeditions (CT8/DL2MDU, EA8/DL2MDU, CT9/DL2MDU, 5Z4/DL2MDU,
7P8D, 8Q7CF, D44TUK)

Another hobby is building high power amplifiers with tubes (GU74b, GS31b, 4CX1000A etc.)

I am an electronic technician and since 1990 I am working with a big company for appliances (e.g. washing machines, dryer, dishwasher and more)



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